November 25, 2012

The World of Fame

                Money and power are handy, but millions of ambitious people are after something other than the corner office or the beach house on St. Bart’s. They want to swivel necks, to light a flare in others’ eyes, to walk into a crowded room and feel the conversation stop.
               They are busy networking, auditioning, talking up their latest project — a screenplay, a memoir, a new reality show — to satisfy a desire so obvious it is all but invisible.

To be noticed, to be wanted, to be loved, to walk into a place and have others care about what you’re doing, even what you had for lunch that day: that’s what people want.

Public recognition can bring a heightened focus on the self.

 Fame is associated with our needs for power, status, recognition and our needs of achievement and because of that we think the best way to receive all of this is to do something so nuts than nobody else, we don`t care if this is good or bad. Sometimes I think we are fascinated by this world, the world of Fame.

 There are many people who got depressed due to this "deadly" habit of the reporters who don't respect anything or anyone, who spend hours and hours digging your past so as to make your life a living hell.
More and more VIPs find a refuge in drinking, smoking and drugs, getting a life time addiction which can cause them their death.

So fame destroys lives and in the majority of the cases the consequences are rather terrifying for the persons who can't stop others to interfere in their lives.


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