January 7, 2013

Day 6 : Overexposed 2012

I have great expectations for the future, because the past was highly overrated. 
- Sylvester Stallone 

The truth is overrated. 
- Paul Westerberg 

Today I`ll bring up to you some cool stuff and I hope you`ll read the whole post and you  won`t fall asleep. If you search on the internet you`ll find a lot of things about the previous year and about the things that were so overrated. However I`ve found some cool blogs with a good and healthy opinion about the things that were over exposed in the beautiful and unforgivable 2012.

There is this blogger who wrote "10 Overrated things I`ve waited in line for"

Well let`s take a look at the introduction of the post :

Today is the first day to buy the iPhone 5. Most likely there will be news coverage of the throngs of people camped out in front of Apple stores waiting to get their hands on the new “it” phone. It seems to me that the end of most long lines are anti-climactic at best, which is why I am happy to wait an extra week or two.
It has taken a few years and a few bad experiences to draw this conclusion.
Here are just 10 overrated things I’ve waited in line for: [...]

I have one little thing to comment : I hate Iphone and everything that comes with that. The reason is simple : this little useless gadget is too fuckin` overexposed ! ( sorry for my language but I had to say it )

I`m not going to talk about all of the overrated things on the list so I`ll write some of them, followed by her comment and also mine.

The Biebs

I'm pretty sure this show would have been better with ear plugs.

I`ve just heard the most beautiful comment ever. Now I`m full of joy and I have to thank  this awesome blogger who had the courage to say it.


I have spent many hours of my life waiting in line for this movie franchise that I can never get back. At least during the movies I can sleep.

Now I`m falling in love with this one. 

The Black Friday

Every year I get up way too early, wait in too many lines and only bring home a handful of half-priced socks.

That`s true story. I`ve bought just one pair of gloves special made for my phone`s touch screen. Just one thing and I`ve waited one week for it. 

Now let`s pass to our next article.

Christopher Hitchens once declared that ‘the four most overrated things in life were champagne, lobsters, anal sex, and picnics.’ 

Well, this argument is quite weird and I don`t get it. I`m ok with the champagne, but with lobsters? Why the f*** do we need lobsters in life? However let`s pass to the next thing. 

3D Movies. Are you serious Hoyts? You’re telling me that you want me to pay an extra $6 on top of your already overpriced tickets to watch a movie in 3D, which is going to give me a headache anyway? This needs to stop.

Hmmm.. I don`t know what to say... I mean I go sometimes at the cinema and watch some movies in 3D and I don`t have a headache after the movie so it depends.

Lady Gaga. So she has some outrageous fashion choices and has recorded a handful of good songs. But come on, this doesn’t make her a ubiquitous and omniscient force in the universe like people claim her to be. It just makes her a marketing machine and trust me, there’s a difference.
The thing with the marketing machine is true but she will never stop doing what gives her a tone of money so is useless trying to stop her. Do like me, listen something that you like and simply ignore the artists that you don`t like.

Summer. I hate everything that is associated with Summer because it all sucks. I hate sweat. I hate heat. I hate sand and sun and mosquitos. I hate that whole midriff phase that swept through my town last summer and every single girl thought it was absolutely necessary to wear one EVEN THOUGH THEY REALLY SHOULD HAVE RECONSIDERED THEIR LIFE CHOICES. I put midriffs in the category with jeggings, which is not acceptable, ever.

And that`s the most  preposterous  thing I`ve ever heard in my entire life. I hate the writer already. Why you would say that? I have thousands of reasons to say that summer is a great season. You hate heat, use an air conditioning and that`s it. I`m so angry right now that I read this. 

Well with this horrible article above I`ve done with my blog post. I hope you liked reading it and I can`t wait for your comments! Maybe you can tell me some overrated things in your opinion.

 hope you have a lovely week!

       © Clara.


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