May 26, 2013

Day 8 : What happens next ?

“it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!” 
― Kenny Chesney

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” 
― Charles Bowden

While we’re young and beautiful, living free and easy. Here without a worry, dancing in our bare feet because when the summer’s done we might not be so young and beautiful.

The summer night is like a perfection of thought.

I don’t do drugs, I am drugs.

I didn’t fall. The floor just needed a hug.

      Finally I`m back, after a very very long time and I hope nobody got angry because of that. Well, the summer is approaching so I thought it would be the best subject to write about it. Here in my city is like heaven, we have a great weather and it feels like I`m in June and I don`t mind, actually I am the happiest person around here. Along with the summer I get so lazy and the school is the last thing I think about, the only idea that had been running through my head is the idea that is a couple of months I`ll be free, without school, without nothing to worry about.
         I hope I`m not the only one who is so enthusiastic about this because this is one of the most beautiful part of the year. 
     As you know me so far, I`ve been searching on the internet some articles that I can comment or just show to you. And everything I`ve found was about trends and fashion and stuff like that so let`s take a look , maybe you`ll find something that may catch your interest.

Would You Wear Shoes Made From Dead Animals?

       From Mantyhose to a dress made from plastic bags – fashion just keeps getting crazier with every designer trying to make a name for themselves – and sometimes a few headlines, too. We’ve rounded up some of the most unbelievable trends in fashion and style. What’s a Face-Kini and should you ever wear anything made from bacon?From mile-high stilettos to heels covered in diamonds, designers are always going to extremes to make a more chic-looking shoe. But German artist Iris Schieferstein is using a much different approach when crafting hers: dead animals.
These shocking shoes have garnered the attention of celebs including Lady Gaga and, according to the Daily Mail, can cost close to $6,000.

          Well, well, this is the most stupid thing to wear, If you take a look on that link you`ll know why I have this reaction. I mean, why trying to wear crazy clothes just to be different, you can be different in many other ways. Fashion these days is fustraiting : Lady Gaga wears something like this to shock and to earn money, but we, as simple humans, wearing this is not normal or trendy, is repulsive. Now I`m asking you the same question : Would you wear shoes made from dead animals? Comment and answer!

This Dress is Made from 555 Plastic IKEA bags!

    Many of us turn to Swedish retail giant IKEA when we need a budget-friendly addition to our home d├ęcor. But Berlin-based artist Ida-Marie Corell has taken the IKEA obsession to a whole new level with the creation of a fashion piece based on the company.
    Corell took a total of 555 IKEA blue shopping bags and has fashioned them into one giant dress. Why, you ask? Good question. The concept of making the dress was to explore the idea of reusing plastic for an art installation called "Oh. Plastiksack!"

I don`t think anyone would really wear this, and not because they are rational but because is hard not to rip it off. We should wait and see, who knows? Maybe one day they will design a more resistance dress. I`m pretty sure a lot of insane women would buy this dress.

A Bra Made From Bacon! You Have To See This To Believe It...

Is bacon officially about to jump the shark!? When people started putting it in cupcakes and chocolate bars, I thought, okay, I kinda get it...when bacon-flavored dental floss and air fresheners started popping up, I thought, surely this is going too far...but when you see this bra made from bacon, you may never look at your breakfast plate the same way again...

The bra was created and modeled by Nicky Stein-Grohs, who calls herself a "bacontarian".

I can`t lie but this idea is pretty creative, but still weird. Will be a single woman skinny after the whole population of women is wearing this? I don`t think so. I think after a trial, this kind of bras will be banned, too many fat girls around the area. <laughing>

Alexander McQueen-Inspired Dress Made Out of 50,000 Gummy Bears

      We've long love gummy bears for their ability to satisfy the strongest of sugar cravings, but what we weren't aware of was their ability to be crafted into an evening gown.
       Behold this dress, made entirely from gummy bears. The creation was made by Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi, who crafted 50,000 gummy bears into a gown for TWELV Magazine's debut issue.

I`m hungry, now I want gummy bears. I love this idea! I think it is awesome and I have to say I love Al. McQueen. Just imagine the number of hours, days spent on this single dress. But more, imagine the number of gummy bears used on this dress! I wonder who ate the dress after and I wonder if he or she has diabetes now. The temptation is so big, if I know where is the dress, the next day I would be on the news, getting arrested.

Would You Wear a Dress Made of Red Wine?

The University of Western Australia has developed a new kind of clothing, and it's literally made fabric that has been biologically fermented from wine (in fact, these items of clothing require no stitching whatsoever.

The result? Entirely seamless dresses that cling to the body and feel like a second skin once dry (word to the wise: apparently the fabric feels like sludge when it's wet).

I wanna be drunk when I wake up!  Genius, indeed .

Girl Makes Graduation Dress from Homework

One fashionable high school student took a creative twist with her graduation day dress. She actually made her frock using sheets of old math homework.

According to Buzzfeed, Kara Koskowich used nearly 75 pieces of paper from old math assignments to construct a dress to wear to her graduation ceremony.

I think she was like : "well, shall I burn this or made a dress and save up some money?"

Well, I think this is it for today, I hope I`ll post again soon but until then I wish you a beautiful summer!

If you have any suggestions about future post, please let me know on the comment section, down below! 

 hope you have a lovely week!

       © Clara.


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